Helping to Maintain, Conserve, and Improve Scioto County’s Natural Resources.

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Our office works closely with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and their implementation of the USDA’s conservation programs such as EQIP and CRP. The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is a voluntary conservation program administered by the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS). It supports production agriculture and environmental quality as compatible goals. Through EQIP, agriculture producers may receive financial and technical help with structural and management conservation practices on agricultural land.

We work with landowners from explaining the programs, through the application process and developing conservation and grazing management plans.  If a landowner does get into one of these programs we work closely with them throughout the installation of the practices and their ongoing management.


For those producers not necessarily interested in conservation programs we can still offer technical advice to the producer to help them develop a plan for their operation.  These plans can help to address any resource concerns on the farm as well as assist with helping to develop a more efficient, productive operation.  For a livestock producer the main objective may be to develop a grazing management plan implementing a rotational grazing system for better forage utilization and livestock production.  For the grain producer the goal may be to improve soil health by adopting the use of cover crops.

Small scale fruit and vegetable production is also an important part of our country’s agriculture.  With the increasing emphasis on locally grown foods more guidance and assistance is becoming available for the small scale producer.  We work in cooperation with OSU Extension to provide information to these producers, whether they are home gardeners or small businesses.