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Woodlands are a valuable resource here in southern Ohio and like any other land use they need to be managed correctly.  Different landowners may have different objectives for their woodland, be it wildlife habitat, timber production, invasive species control, raising woodland crops, aesthetics or something else.  We can assist you in developing a woodland management plan for your woodland property based on your objectives.  A woodland management plan will lay out a plan of action for you to take to be a better steward of your property based on what you want to get out of it.

The timber industry is an important part of the economy in our area.  Many landowners choose to have their woodlands harvested during their lifetime.  Many times the woodland landowner does not develop a plan and may not be following all the proper steps in conducting a timber harvest.  Landowners wanting to do a timber harvest should not only develop a management plan but also consider having a written contract with the logger.  We recommend using a certified master logger when having property logged.  These loggers have been trained in the use of logging best management practices to ensure that your property and our water resources are protected during and after the logging operation.

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