Helping to Maintain, Conserve, and Improve Scioto County’s Natural Resources.

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Stream Concerns?

We’d like to help.

Scioto SWCD offers technical assistance and will help navigate to the correct agency for your concern.  

Water quality may be something many of us take for granted but it is something that each of us need to do our part to ensure we are always striving to protect our water resources, be they streams, rivers, lakes or ponds. The water that flows over the land also supplies much of Appalachia's drinking water. There are many factors that can negatively affect water quality like soil erosion, nutrient and pollution runoff and stream channel and riparian area modifications.

 We can help landowners with technical assistance in protecting water resources and water quality with information on things such as soil and stream bank erosion, construction site best management practices, riparian area buffers and filters and nutrient management plans among many others.