Helping to Maintain, Conserve, and Improve Scioto County’s Natural Resources.

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Home About Us Programs Education Events

For Teachers

Scioto SWCD offers education services to Scioto County local schools including lessons, field days, and equipment loans.

Public Programs

Scioto SWCD works actively in the community and offers many programs open to the public and for area groups.

Garden Projects

Scioto SWCD is involved in several gardening projects in the community.  Find out how to get involved too!

CSI: Shawnee

Learn about our area science camp!



      Scioto SWCD has been offering education services since 1995.  Our education programs focus on Natural Resources and Community Involvement.  We believe that it is through understand the world around that we can become better stewards of this planet.

“Try not to have a good time...this is supposed to be educational.” ― Charles M. Schulz